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Umrah Package By Bus From Dubai, UAE: Discover a Spiritual Umrah Journey

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Experience a life changing journey with our Economy Umrah package by Bus from Dubai that is well-designed for all those looking forward to find the right balance between spiritual reward and comfort spiritual travelling. On every Wednesday, our buses leave from Dubai and Sharjah which is a convenient and timely departure plan that meets all sorts of traveler’s wishes.

Ramzan Special Umrah Package

Ramzan Special Umrah Package

Umrah is a beautiful spiritual journey taken by every single Muslim to acknowledge Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala – Glory to him, the exalted) as the harbinger of peace and to commune with him to purge the impurities within. Any pilgrim who proceeds on this journey, goes along the path to purifying their soul, heart mind and body from the sins committed in the past to be distinguished from others on Resurrection day.

Essentially, the Umrah means ‘a visit’ to the Holy Kaaba (the Sacred House of God) in Arabic and can be performed by anyone, anytime of the year; unlike Hajj, which is an obligatory pilgrimage to Makkah, performed every year within the first 10 days of the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah.

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